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About The "Narnia Solo Games"


The "Narnia Solo Games" is a series of five gamebooks originally published in 1988 by Iron Crown Enterprises ("I.C.E."), under a license from the Episcopal Radio-TV Foundation, and based on "The Chronicles of Narnia" by C. S. Lewis. Each of the five books in the series allow a reader/player to participate in a different interactive adventure in the magical land of Narnia. The first four books were a Boxed Set, and were published simultaneously; the fifth was published separately. There were supposed to be many more in the series, but I.C.E. lost their license -- the rights today are held by the C. S. Lewis Trust -- so the series died. Today, the boxed set is all but impossible to find. (I, naturally, have both the Boxed Set, and the fifth book!) While the Boxed Set is unavailable, each of the five books can still be bought, individually, on the used book market on Amazon.COM, usually at more or less nominal prices; links are provided below for your convenience. Note that the fifth book is generally more expensive than the others, since it was printed and sold separately from the others. The games follow the "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" model, with the addition of a few simple "Stats", or character attributes. These function as dice-roll modifiers to semi-randomly determine the outcome of certain actions. Crucial among these Stats is the "Inner Strength" attribute, which determines your level of innate goodness and your resistance to evil influence. There are also "Keys," which allow each gamebook to track skills, objects, or information obtained, or unusual conditions suffered during the course of the game -- one puts a checkmark next to a number (the "Key") on one's character sheet, and jots down a corresponding note to signify whatever event the text describes. For example, if you acquire a sword, one game might say, "Put a check on Key 18 and note your acquisition of this sword at this paragraph in the game." You would then checkmark Key 18, and write "got Sword, para. xx" (where "xx" was the numbered paragraph at which you had found the sword). If, later on in the game, your sword breaks, you would be told to "remove your check on Key 18."


The five gamebooks are: I. "Return To Deathwater" by Curtis Norris ISBN: 0-425-11028-1 SYNOPSIS: A strange mystery on the Island of Deathwater holds two lovers apart and endangers all who venture there! The mystery troubles the young King of Narnia's dreams; he sees these dreams as an omen, and seeks your help. Will you make the perilous journey there? And if you do, can you solve the mystery once and for all? II. "The Sorceress And The Book Of Spells" by Anne Schraff ISBN: 0-425-11029-X SYNOPSIS: The Sorceress of the Sea has acquired a magic, book, "Runes From The Sceptre Of Grace", and uses it to cast a particularly nasty enchantment over the whole of Narnia! Her ultimate goal is to take over completely. Can you recover her book and defeat her before she causes any more mischief? NOTE: This is by far the most complex gamebook in the series. Not only does it make use of up to fifty (50) Keys (!), it also uses a special game map of Narnia that you use for travel throughout the game. III. "Leap Of The Lion" by Curtis Norris ISBN: 0-425-11087-7 SYNOPSIS: This is, by far, my favorite gamebook! Narnia is in spiritual disarray, and the Great River has run dry! A Calormene named Haadreh the Wise has come and built his Temple atop Narnia's most sacred spot, cast the lawful King of Narnia into prison, taught nonsense to everyone, and has taxed and oppressed all and sundry. Worst of all, most of Narnia's creatures no longer believe in Aslan! Can YOU stop the mad Haadreh... or will YOU end up as his Heir, and his most loyal follower!? IV. "The Lost Crowns Of Cair Paravel" by Gerald Lientz ISBN: 0-425-11088-5 SYNOPSIS: Deep in the dead of the Hundred Years' Winter, the people of Narnia are in despair. Will you dare the journey over dead, ice-covered hills on a dangerous quest to recover the lost crowns of Queens Susan and Lucy, and of Kings Peter and Edmund, and restore them to their proper places in the long-abandoned castle of Cair Paravel, as a sign of hope for the future of Narnia? V. "The Return Of The White Witch" by Robert Bell ISBN: 0-425-11276-4 SYNOPSIS: "Whoever heard of a witch who really died? You can always bring them back." So said the Hag in "Prince Caspian;" and in this game, she is proved correct. The White Witch is arisen again -- and YOU are (unwittingly) partly the cause! Can you help to defeat her anew, and restore order and peace to Narnia? NOTE: Interestingly, this is the ONLY gamebook that doesn't make use of any "Keys." As previously noted, the first four of these were originally published as a Boxed Set (now unavailable); the fifth book was published separately.


No, not all of them, alas. But you can see the front and back covers to "Leap Of The Lion" by clicking HERE.


Well, I led a friend of mine through "Leap Of The Lion" away back in 1998; you can read the Introduction, all Fourteen (14) Game Turns (a bit edited), and the Epilogue, by clicking HERE. (I offer my thanks to David for granting me his permission to share our game!)


I originally made an offer to the members of certain Yahoo! E-Mail lists -- "Narnia-Fun", "NarniaRPG", and "Virtual Narnia" (all three now defunct) -- to lead them through any of these Solo Games if they chose to. Unfortunately, I never DID receive an answer, and I suspect that this was because the members hadn't God's own notion what I was talking about! So, I am extending this offer to YOU: Would you like me to "dungeon-master" your way through any (or all, in turn!) of the "Narnia Solo Games"? During the course of the game you will need to pretend, very strictly, to keep the personality of a child. (And naturally, I'll explain anything else as it becomes necessary.) So... are you interested...??? If so, LET ME KNOW!!! :)