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E-Mail Addresses
I detest Spam every bit as much as you do. Nothing in the use of
this website requires that you provide your E-Mail address -- nor,
indeed, any other personal information for that matter. You are
free to browse this site in total anonymity if you wish. Although
a contact link is provided should you wish to E-Mail me, contacting
me is purely voluntary. If you do send me an E-mail, I SOLEMNLY
PLEDGE that, except as may be required under a court order or a
subpoena, I will not give, rent, sell, or otherwise divulge your
name or your E-Mail address to any third party for any reason
whatsoever; nor will I use your E-Mail address for any purpose
other than to compose a reply; nor will I publish any E-Mail you
may send me without your express permission.

This website runs on a standard Unix web server that logs visitor
information such as the type of browser you are using, which
operating system you use, your IP address, the time, the date,
and which pages were viewed. Note that your IP address does NOT
reveal your identity -- only that of your Internet Service Provider
(ISP). To my knowledge, neither your E-Mail address nor any other
personally identifiable information is recorded in this server's
logs. Please note that these server logs are maintained by my ISP,
and not by me; I myself have neither any access to, nor any control
over, these logs in any way whatsoever.

Browser Cookies
Browser cookies are not normally dangerous and can add useful
functionality to a web site. This site does not happen to make
use of cookies; this site DOES, however, link to other websites,
which DO use cookies.

Links to Other Sites
This website contains links to websites other than my own. The
contents and privacy policies of these other sites are entirely
outside of my control, and I am not responsible for any such
other content or any such other privacy practices or policies.
Please read carefully the relevant privacy documents of any
site which you may visit.

Any concerns, questions, or comments you may have about this
document or the policies it contains may be sent to me via the
contact link provided on the main page.

I am located in the State of New Jersey, in the United States of

Current As Of: Fri., 31-Aug-2007, at 03:58:25pm EDT (-0400 GMT).


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