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My left eye has been retouched; if it looks just a tad droopy, that's because it is droopy: it's a prosthetic (i.e., a fake or "glass" -- really plastic) eye, but it was too small. My new prosthesis is larger and looks much nicer. J

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Children's Books, Records & Videos
Tom Swift Jr., E.[dith] Nesbit, Edward Eager, Dick & Jane, Cartoons, Little Golden Records, Classic children's movies (e.g. "Charlotte's Web"), etc.
Old Children's T.V. Shows
The Mickey Mouse Club, Rin-Tin-Tin, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, Marine Boy, Astro Boy, Ultra Man, Gigantor, Johnny Cypher in Dimension Zero, etc.
The psychology of Death and Dying. I'm particularly interested in anything written by Dr. Elisabeth K?bler-Ross...
Parliamentary Procedure
Parliamentary procedure is one of those things which, if it didn't exist, it would be necessary to invent it. No civilization founded upon self-rule can function without it in some form or another. Even when the Ferengi debated changes to their Rules of Acquisition, they probably did so via some primitive form of Parliamentary Procedure! J
I have always liked classic hymns, and am very interested in the names given to the tunes of the hymns. Were you aware that each and every tune to which you sing a hymn has a name, which is separate and distinct from the name of the hymn itself? "Onward Christian Soldiers" is sung to St. Gertrude; "O For a Thousand Tongues" is sung to Azmon... and so forth.
I'm not a lawyer, but I love to keep abreast of the subject. Call me an educated layman. J
Missing Children
Are you aware that approximately 500 children go missing nationwide every single year??? And those are stranger abductions, the very worst kind! And there are plenty of family abductions and other types of cases as well.

Here is a link at which you can learn about just twelve of the very most recent & urgent cases...

Call: 1-(800)-THE-LOST

NCMEC "Alerts" Page

A Picture Of A Commodore-128 Computer! Commodore-128 Computers!
I program in BASIC on an orphaned, 8-bit 2Mhz computer called a "Commodore-128"!
Serial Killers
They have no conscience, and consider killing "fun" -- an utterly alien frame of mind. Given that they appear completely normal, doesn't it make sense to learn as much about them as we can?
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